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Terms of


General Info

  • You (the commissioner) may post the artworks as long as I (Honey) am credited.

  • NO ONE MAY re-sell or make profit off of my (Honey) artwork without permission (unless commercial rights are discussed and paid for) NOTE: Certain Commissions may already have these right in the pricing! (e.g. emotes, panels, alert gifs, etc.)

  • NO ONE MAY edit, reference, or trace my (Honey) work and claim it as their own.

  • I (Honey) WILL NOT ACCEPT/CREATE: NFTs, gore, violence, or any scenes that will need the "trigger warning" tag if posted.




  • Payment can be made in multiple pay sessions depending on commission size.

  • You (the commissioner) WILL NOT receive the final product until I (Honey) have received the full payment.

  • Prices will be made in USD and must be paid via Paypal invoice.

  • I (Honey) will inform you when the invoice is sent.

  • You (the commissioner) WILL NOT CANCEL the payment(s) without my knowledge prior to canellation.



  • 100% Refunded: If something occurs and the commission is canceled before sketches have been made I (Honey) will return the payments that have been received.

  • 80% Refunded: If the commission is canceled after sketches are made but BEFORE APPROVAL, I (Honey) will provide an 80% refund.

  • 70% Refunded: If the commission is canceled before approval AND the sketch has been sitting for 1 week. Only a 70% refund will be provided.



Rights & Violations

  • I (Honey) retain the right to post commissions online and on my website, this can be negotiated.

  • I (Honey) have the right to decline any request.

  • Violators of the terms of service will be banned from requests and blacklisted.



  • I (Honey) will start your (the commissioner) commission once payment for said commission is received and your placement in the commission line is reached. (Everyone must wait their turn.)

  • Photo references must be provided. (This will help speed up commission completion.)

  • If I (Honey) am designing a character for you (the commissioner), you will provide multiple references through an image board on Pinterest and send me (Honey) the URL via email or Discord.

NOTE: These are important to capture the mood and personality of the character you're looking for. As well as any features you want included, e.g. animal parts, clothing styles, hair, e.t.c.)


Commissions Cont.

  • You (the commissioner) will receive progress photos throughout the commission process.

  • Please allow 3 - 4 weeks after confirmed start for commission completion.

  • Please understand that your position on the list of commissions will also affect the rate at which the commission is worked on and received. First come, first serve







Refunds Cont.

  • 20% Refunded: If the sketch has been approved, and process pictures have been sent after approval, but BEFORE final. I (Honey) will provide a 20% refund for cancellation.

  • NO REFUNDING: If the final approval has been sent, and you (the commissioner) decide that you no longer want the commission, you will not be refunded AND forfeit the rights to the final commission.

NOTE: Refunds only refer to those who pay in full at the start of the commission. Those who pay in increments will not receive refunds due to the work that is put into the commission with each payment made.


Be sure to keep the TOS in check!

These terms are subject to change and additions as commissions continue.

It's very important that you read through the terms of service and understand everything you will need, and have rights to, in order for the commission to go smoothly. This will avoid any confusion and fraud that could take place as well as keep everyone safe.

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